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We are stardust. We are golden. ― Joni Mitchell

A long time ago in a distant land there stood a majestic golden Buddha statue at a monastery just outside a city. When the monks learned that an army was about to invade the city, they realized they needed to somehow protect the Buddha. Wisely they covered the Buddha with mortar and stones, so when the army came they would see but a stone Buddha and not give it a second thought. Their plan worked.

The army remained in occupation for many years ― so many, in fact, that there came a day when no one in at the monastery or in the city remembered that the Buddha was golden. Everyone who looked upon it thought it was simply made of stone.

One day after a young monk had been meditating on the knee of the Buddha, he rose and accidentally chipped off a piece of stone. To his amazement, he saw something shiny beneath the dust. Looking further, he realized the Buddha was not made of stone, but gold. “Come quickly!” he shouted to the other monks. “The Buddha is golden!”

His fellow monks ran to the Buddha with tools and chipped the stone away until they had revealed the original golden Buddha in all his glory. To this day you can see the golden Buddha in Thailand.

The story of the golden Buddha is your story, and mine. We are all golden by nature, but the illusions and density of earth have caused us to believe we are the facades and protections we have developed. When a challenge chips away our armor, we gain a glimpse of the gold that lives within us. Then we become excited about releasing our imprisoned splendor, and we will not settle for less than our true golden nature.

What experiences have moved you to discover the gold that lives within you?

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